At age sixteen, I knew I had a passion for fashion! Clothing and accessories were my main focus. I wanted to provide a trendy and functional handbag for a great price! Designing a trendy & chic yet stylish line was my goal.

The Brittney Kelley Handbag Collection is the “"New You”" of fashion. We dedicate our designs to the chic fashionistas with an exuberant style. We alter the big city feel to meet the city chic style. Finding the right handbag is not always easy. Being able to match a great handbag with just the right personality is our goal.

Our design purpose is to create long lasting styles with elegance, grace and quality. Our handbags captivate functionality and charm.

There are 4 main points to the design strategy of the Brittney Kelley Handbag Collection: Trendy, Chic, Elegance and Functionality!

-Trendy describes the alter ego of all fashionistas.
-Chic describes the sophistication of style for the uptown woman.
-Elegance merges the beauty of the west coast feel with the east coast style.
-Functionality is for the everyday handbag with a touch of the downtown woman.


We dedicate each handbag we make to the support and fight against Breast Cancer. We aid in the fight for today and hope for tomorrow. For every handbag sold, a portion is donated to the current years chosen Breast Cancer awareness and research organization. ​Let’s help fight against Breast Cancer together. 



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